Saturday, November 5, 2011


Well I originally didn't buy into the 2012 thing at all. Once I realized the many possibilities I changed my thought process on it. To start even if none of its true theres always the possibility of the end of the world. So many things have to go right from day to day for the world to keep moving on without breaking down. Now for the 2012 theory it basically is the possibility of a comet a nuke or a sun flare based on the prophecy by the notorious Nostradomus. This is backed by the many many ancient cultures that all have some generic dark doomsday style event occuring around this time. I believe that if this event isnt going to occur naturally it could occur among people and it could be caused by the very prophecies themselves. A freak out could occur just because we think somethings going to happen. Nuclear warfare is a possibility. While you could believe that this is or isnt true there is also the scientifically proven possibility of a complete reverse of magnetic poles because of the galactic planet alignment that will occur on this date. This date is also the winter solstice, the day the sun is farthest from the earth. If it has been moving away from the earth at a high enough rate it could also cause an ice age. These are my speculations of the possibilities. But hey then again it could just be another day. Either way I'm still gonna prep myself, taking precautions is always a good idea.

Crazy theorist guy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mundane sickening things we consider lives

What do you mean when you say "I want to settle down."? I ask because i sure as hell don't want to settle down.
I want to settle down. Have a family, move to a nice little neighborhood where the yards houses and fences are all stale and cloned. I want to get a good paying office job so that i can come home from work and sit in front of my nice new 60 inch television and watch sports.
I want to settle down so that I can fall into a routine that at first bothers me because of how uneventful it is and how trapped I feel but then I am able to surrender to as I let my brain go numb. I want to be stuck in this dull lifeless routine for the rest of my life.
Hi, meet the boss and my wife, she's probably cheating on me with him, because she has a twisted view of love and is doing it so that i stay employed. Of course I probably don't notice this since I am more or less a pig in a cage on antibiotics. I have no care or concern for the world other than the fake emotions I put forward to seem "normal". I am slowly becoming an alcoholic, which I also do not notice. I scold my kids for the bad things they've done, or atleast the things that I consider bad. I am in my own little world, trapped, forever to repeat the same day over and over again until one day I die of what doctor's call "old age". I die lonely, I die emotionless, I die a robot.
So again, why is it that you want to settle down like this? I sure as hell never will.

I find this the most horrifying situation for any man. I will make sure I do not fall into such a situation. I would suggest you do the same.

Thank you,

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ramblings of a frustrated agnostic

Willpower is an amazing thing. It has caused people to use spiritual, devine reasoning, just because willpower overcame the odds. A man with the will to accomplish something can accomplish it, will can determine whether you live or die. A man's will determines his life. Now this said, I will not explain will away with a god or anything like that. I do believe that a god could exist but I will not write away my accomplishments to say that god did it and i was only a vessel. I will also not blame what evil may come from me on any kind of devil or demon. It is all my doing, and I will take responsibility for it all.
And while I'm on this rant I would like to say that it is almost contradictory to believe in a god and not in a parallel universes theorem. This is where the flaws in theory come in. If you believe in heaven, an extraterrestrial dimension not of this universe, then you believe in parallel dimensions. But if there is even one more dimension besides this universe and "heaven" then my multiple soul theory would become correct, even infinite duplicates of the same soul could exist. And now you can roughly see where the chaos confusion and improbabilities kick in. So what im saying is most religions are confusing, and poorly thought out, if not ignorant.

Sorry for the rough jumble of ideas, but tis what happens when one goes into a rant like such. It was a spur of the moment sort of thing, i didn't want to spend time sorting out my thoughts less i lose myself in the process and forget what i was talking about all together.
Peace, love, music,
Until next,
Charizard the almighty

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Smoke Horse

Devil May Cry:

Demon of the night, coming for your soul
Rid you of the misery, better than the hole
in which you would spend eternity
For the sins you've committed against me.

Night of the Apocalypse:

The day is consumed by the night.
Sun blackens out in the sky.
The moon bleeds red, the light is dead.
And all hell breaks lose, its a fight.

A fight of the apocalypse.
Into the living it rips.
The fire burns, hell surely yearns.
For the souls rising up from the crypts.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I was born to a human family. As soon as I looked into that poor woman's eyes, I knew they had cast me out. I was once a most powerful god. In fact, one could say, the most powerful god among gods. Apparently, Thor thought, too powerful. Time for an introduction. Hello there, young innocent mortal, I am the God of the winds, the almighty, all powerful, Aeolus. It did not seem to me that I had done anything to Thor or the other gods, but they still found me a threat. So, here I am on this dull, dark planet called Earth. I was put here with the restrictions of any other human. It is absolutely terrible. I do not understand how you humans can live like this. They brought me to Earth with my godly body, and intelligence but they have also given me the ability to feel pain, to be injured, and so on. They have crippled me with something that seems to be an issue with my digestion. In the heavens, I had not the need to eat food or drink water but here it is like a curse needing it every few hours. They decided to give me this issue so as to balance out the godly aspects they have let me keep. I am chained to this earth not able to rise up. It is like a jail. They however cannot keep me here forever. The emotions of this disgusting race are almost overwhelming. When I was in the heavens looking down on this race with my superiority I found them to appear disgusting, all of them. But now that I am here I see that some of them are actually quite the opposite, but only some. I have found that I retained some of my powers although they are heavily diluted. I find that my new emotion of hatred can influence the winds somewhat but, unfortunately, it is nothing like the powers I once had. I plan to focus on these small inklings of power and build them. Once I reach my physical and mental prime, I will ascend back into the heavens, of my own will, and take back my rightful place as a powerful god among gods in an epic battle with Thor himself. I will rule. They will pay.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Harlow Philosophy on Life(Keep it Chill).

Everyone is a friend until proven otherwise.
Trust is a very shaky bridge, only for the brave, mentally stable, and those with a strong relationship.
You can never ask a question to many times.
All roads lead to somewhere familiar.
Even in times of anger put forth a joyful demeanor. This will keep you out of danger and in some cases even change your mood for the better.
Forgiveness and peace are welcome in your mind, drama and chaos should be expelled.
Stay quiet and do not act out, listen, this way you will learn more of your surroundings.
Self defense is important, self aggrandizement is unnecessary.
Believe in something for if you do not it will be easier for you to lose your grip on reality, and at the same time do not believe in it so much that you lose your grip this way.
If you chose religion as a belief system, study it like a class in school.
It is always good to know all depths of your religion for the sake of preventing arguments, and staying strong in it.
And at the same time do not get caught up in your religion to far.
Casual religious views or low profile views are encouraged.
Better yourself with education but do not feel like you are restricted by it in anyway.
Success is built upon a firm foundation in social skills, if you have the capacity for these skills, advance them as much as possible.
Do not feel pressured into anything.
A laid back lifestyle will help you keep your cool.
Follow the law but beware that the justice system is flawed and some laws are foolish, stand up not for the law but for justice itself.
Music is a healing medicine use it as such.
Religion is the ember under the foot of warfare.
As for relationships and love, long term relationships are always better for the mental state than casual meetings, but at the same time long terms are a dangerous hazard only meant for the strong in mind. An unsuccessful long term can be as bad for you as a casual meet.
Love, be it real or imaginary, is something that you must share mentally with your partner for a relationship to work. If you don't believe in love or whatever then you just aren't doing it right. Love is not a noun its state of mind.
Be healthy, eat right, excersize.
Be cultured, do not limit yourself to one (country, genre, hobby, art style, or food).
Do not be compulsive, think before you act and plan in advance for best results.
Do not obsess over a person or an object like money etc. The only healthy "obsession" should be over your love interest.
Develop self reliability. A healthy confidence is always encouraged. A superiority complex is always shunned.
A vigilante style behavior or thought process is healthy.
Having an urge to protect your fellow humans is good.
Do not shun others for trying to be good people. The only time shunning is necessary is when someone is purposefully trying to disrupt the natural order in a way that ensues hatred anger or chaos.
Do not stereotype. One persons acts do not carry over to an entire group.
Even when a group of people is classified as the same they are all still seperate persons.
If you must consume the "unholies" do so in a healthy way do not binge and do not let if become an addiction.
Addictions are destructive forces that are unwelcomed.
Do not have sexual relations with someone you don't plan on developing a lasting strong relationship with(not for moral purposes) for the purpose of not being ignorant and keeping your body healthy and clean as well as keeping your mental state as stable as possible.
Beware of others' foolishness, competition as a healthy sport is good anger driven acts should be considered lashes out at society and should be neutralized from occuring.
Protect the ones you love, family friends and significant others.
You should be willing to give your lives for them if necessary.
Always be open to criticism it can shape you as a person when you are in influentially good company.
Never take what you have for granted always say thank you.
Do not be fake it is easier to tell the truth than to live a lie.
Neither murder nor suicide nor any major offense of law or morality is the answer to any question you may have.
Do not steal. Earn your belongings however hard it may be. Hard work always pays back wether it be now or in the future.
Knowledge is weaker than wisdom.

These guidelines, although overflowing with do nots, are made to help you in life, reduce stress, make it easier, and more relaxed. Always enjoy every moment you have and do not waste this life that can be so enjoyable.

Friday, June 25, 2010

My agnostic belief system

I believe that there is a central set of rules to live by no matter what religion or nonreligion you are. If we don't follow these chaos will take over our world. Ok so you know the ten commandments? Yea the ones from the bible or any other religion you can find them in(they're in all religions) yea that Is just a good core set of laws that will help any society get along. Now going from there we can add a few things, in my belief I think we should acknowledge the one who created this world it's not a person it obviously must be extra terrestrial atleast on another plane of existence but we should acknowledge it for what it has done and yes I do believe someone or something must have created s whether it be a mighty being of power or a childs model in a much larger universe. You may ask if I have considered evolution or the big bang an yes I have and it's all reasonable but none of that explains how this all came to b where did the material that exploded in te big bang come from and what created the things that evolved nothing explains it more than creationism and creation by an all powerful being tht we should acknowledge for its beautiful work and should respect for its apparent awesome power. Peace and harmony are woderfulthing and will be reached by a higher outlook on life and a good set of core standards or values to believe in.
As far as the specifics it's hard to say you can't prove the past actually happened you weren't there before you there could have been nothing you'll never know an you'll never know how the world was created an especially how it will end it's too large of a subject to tackle and comprehend. Even if it was created souls are just something of legend we don't know if we really have souls or not and our creator doesn't necessarily have to bring us up to meet him when we die but in most religions the en is depicted as eternal life in a place of our choice depending on our actions on earth. Usually a good place like heaven where u get to meet your creator and a bad place called he'll where u get shunned by your creator because it is ashamed of its work. This has high crediility so I will believe it's some form of that depiction though you will never prove it until you die. No one on this earth can be trusted or is credible, apparently including every religion that isn't yours, you are free to believe what you want not accounting for government policies atleast and you can believe whatever people tell you but in the en it won't matter cuz were all going to the same place in my opinion eternity in others an uneventful rotting in the grave. Either way don't dwell in the past or worry abt the future just enjoy your time in the present and may the force be with you.
a fervent believer in the believable
PS. I'm not an oprahtologist just makin sure u understand that I ain't crazy which also excludes mormons an scientology but besides all of that crazy stuff I believe in what is known and I will stick to that because it will always be true.